Semarang. The Physics lecturers from Diponegoro University, who are part of the Community Service Team, organized an activity to introduce laser technology and its safety aspects to the teachers and students at SMAN 5 Semarang. The community service team was led by Drs. Sofjan K. Firdausi, M.Sc., with members including Prof. Dr. Wahyu Setia Budi, M.S., Dr. Asep Yoyo Wardaya, S.Si., M.Si., and Dr. Eng. Ali Khumaeni, M.E. The event took place at SMAN 5 Semarang on Monday, October 16, 2023, and was attended by more than 40 students.

The community service activity was inaugurated by the Principal of SMAN 5 Semarang, Mrs. Dra. Siti Asiyah, M.M., M.Pd., and guided by the physics teacher, Mrs. Suratni Agustinih, S.Si. In her opening remarks, the Principal expressed her hope that this community service activity could provide benefits and knowledge to the students and academic community at SMAN 5 Semarang. The Principal also hoped that similar activities could be conducted at SMAN 5 Semarang, such as community service related to coaching for the Physics and Astronomy National Science Olympiad (OSN). A speech representing the Diponegoro University Department was delivered by Drs. Sofjan K. Firdausi, M.Sc.

The Community Service activity began with a presentation on laser technology and its safety aspects by Prof. Dr. Wahyu Setia Budi, M.S. In his presentation, Prof. Wahyu introduced the concept of laser light and its differences from ordinary light. He also discussed various contemporary applications and uses of lasers, including their use in the fields of medicine, military, industry, and other strategic areas. Additionally, the participants were informed about the dangers of lasers and the need for caution in their use due to the high radiation intensity, which can cause biological damage or health problems, especially to the eyes if exposed directly. Currently, laser technology is also used in various children’s toys, necessitating parental awareness of the safety of children from laser hazards.

During the community service event, the participants were very enthusiastic about the activities. After the presentation, the participants were invited to demonstrate the use of lasers and how to differentiate laser light from ordinary lamp light. Subsequently, the participants engaged in discussions and posed questions to the community service team, guided by Dr. Asep and Dr. Ali. Over 5 participants raised direct inquiries about lasers, their applications, and safety. Some of these questions included inquiries about how to measure the distance between the earth and the moon using laser technology, who invented the laser and why, why laser light does not spread like ordinary light, and queries about the duality of light, whether laser light behaves as waves or particles.




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