Graduate Profile

Physics Department, Universitas Diponegoro produces graduates with the following qualities :

NoGraduate ProfilesDescriptions
1AcademicallyCommunicative, innovative, and broad-minded scientists and facilitators by mastering physics and its application in the latest technology.
2ResearcherSomeone who can study problems and physical phenomena using scientific methods both experimentally, theoretically, and/or computationally and publish them.

Someone who can research and develop products (Research and Development) and support technopreneurship.
3LeaderSomeone who can coordinate with good communication skills, innovate, know the latest issues, motivators, think critically, and make decisions properly and manage resources.
4Medical PhysicistSomeone who can professionally work as a clinical medical physicist in a hospital and/or in a company or health industry.
5Radiation Physics PractitionersSomeone who can use and professionally manage ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.
Electronics and Instrumentation DeveloperSomeone who can do engineering (hardware/software) and analysis in the electronics and instrumentation field in a company or industry in a professional manner.
7Practitioners in the Mining, Energy and Oil and Gas IndustriesSomeone who can professionally contribute to the community in geophysics, mining, energy, oil, and gas.
8Advanced Material DeveloperSomeone who can analyze and develop advanced material in a professional manner.



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