Vision, Mission, and Purpose


In 2024, Physics Department will become excellent in regard to education, research in, and application of physics.


  1. Perform the best education in the field of Natural Sciences and the application of Physics.
  2. Promote and optimize high-qualified research and groups of expertise, which are suitable with Physics Department’s field of competence.
  3. Actively engage in solving problems that the society has by applying physics to the development of science and technology.

General Purpose

Create Bachelors of Science in Physics field who are devoted to the God almighty, have patriotism to Indonesia, maintain and thrive on democracy, have analytical skills, are virtuous, develop good and strong personality, support and sustain changes and improvement in society. It can be achieved by following the principle of our national identity, maintaining and sustaining the unity of the people, and having the moral of Pancasila.

Particular Purpose

  1. Create qualified undergraduates who have basic skills in using observation and analytical equipments, and also able to explain physical phenomena.
  2. Obtain research results and innovative works in physics field, either theoretically or experimentally; able to provide information about research results in a national or international forum which supports competence for graduating.
  3. Apply research results and innovative works to solve problems faced by the society using the knowledge of physics.