Thesis Requirements

The required thesis in Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Diponegoro University has 6 SKS. So, the choosing of title, depth and width level of research activities must be suitable with the assigned SKS.

Requirements for Thesis Registration

The requirements below will help students to register their theses to KBM (Field of Interest) Coordinators.

  1. Thesis is a course that can be taken after students have fulfilled their courses which accumulatively have the minimal SKS of 120, including the prerequisite courses. As verification, students need to submit their academic transcript –which has been signed by the related Academic Mentor.
  2. Students have taken thesis course in IRS (Study Plan Form) and have it in print-out form.
  3. According to the thesis guidebook, there must be two persons (maximum) who are willing to be thesis mentors for the assigned student.
  4. The student has to submit a sample of his/her proposal which has been approved by thesis mentor(s).
  5. According to the thesis guidebook, the duration of the making of thesis is (at least) three months since the proposal test date.
  6. If there is not any improvement—reported by the mentor(s)—within six months, KBM Coordinators have the right to replace the mentor(s) and the title of the thesis with a new one.
  7. If within six months the student could not finish the thesis and did not get any recommendation from the mentor(s), the duration can be prolonged until six months.

Requirements for Thesis Test

In order to register for thesis test to KBM Coordinators, these requirements have to be fulfilled by a student who:

  1. Has fulfilled the required courses (assigned by the faculty or department) with the minimum SKS of 138, which include mandatory and optional courses; has the minimum GPA of 2.00, which is verified by showing his/her academic transcript that is approved by Academic Mentors.
  2. Has taken thesis course in IRS (Study Plan Form) and has it in print-out form.
  3. Submits a thesis draft to verify that s/he has taken the pre-thesis seminar, of which has been signed by thesis mentor(s) and is qualified to be tested. For students who make their thesis in an institute outside Diponegoro University must enclose a reference letter of having conducted a research.
  4. Makes a statement letter which declares the thesis or final project is not plagiarized; the letter is signed with IDR 6,000 meterai (stamp duty).
  5. Has the legalized UKT (college fee) payment slip from the bank.
  6. Has a minimum score of 400 for TOEFL test which is approved by Diponegoro University.
  7. Is free of charge of the laboratory.
  8. Submits the thesis guidebook.
  9. Submits the thesis draft which has been signed by the thesis mentor(s).

The Implementation of Thesis Test

  1. Thesis test will be executed in at least three workdays after the registration to Thesis Coordinators.
  2. Thesis test will take two hours (maximum), which includes presentation and discussion or Q&A session which is led by the Head of Trial (mentor).
  3. The test will be attended by 3-4 persons who are mentors and examiners.
  4. The deadline for minor revision is a month, and three months for major revision given by the examiner team. If it takes longer than the specified time, the thesis will be evaluated by Physics Department.
  5. If the student did not pass, a remedial will be given by mentors and examiner team no later than six months; the remedial will be coordinated by Coordinator S(?). If the deadline has passed, it will be evaluated by Physics Department.
  6. Students have the right to not take the thesis test and get an A score with the following terms: Thesis final is published on an international journal with Scopus or Thomson Reuters index, or on a national journal accredited by Dikti (Directorate General of Higher Education) as the first writer; Thesis final is published on an international conference with Scopus index as the first writer; Is the winner of PIMNAS PKMP and PKMKC (either a bronze, silver, or gold medal) with the related type and topic as the thesis.
  7. Students who do not take thesis test have to make a thesis and get it evaluated by the examiner team.



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