Atomic force microscopy is a 3D surface analysis technique with atomic-level resolution. The characterization of topographic profiles and morphology is crucial to support research in polymers, membranes, thin films, and nanomaterials. This analysis is essential for researchers in the fields of polymer membranes, thin films, chemical vapor deposition, biology, and others.

The Integrated Laboratory Unit of Diponegoro University (UNDIP), in collaboration with P.T. Vanadia Utama, organized a seminar and training event titled “Advanced Technology of Atomic Force Microscopy for Nanotechnology,” held on May 16, 2023, at the Integrated Laboratory Unit of UNDIP.

The speakers for this seminar and training event were Mr. Bryan Lim (Application and Service Senior Manager at Park System Pte Ltd Singapore), Prof. Dr. Heri Sutanto, M.Si. (Professor of Materials Physics at Diponegoro University), and the host was Ani Umoro, M.Sc. (Application Engineer at PT. Vanadia Utama).

The seminar and training covered the theory and practice of the basic principles, interpretation, methods, and equipment of the Park NX10 Park Systems Atomic Force Microscope (AFM).

Thanks are conveyed to PT Vanadia Utama, Prof. Heri Sutanto (Chairman of the Physics Testing Division), Mas Ilham Alkian (AFM Analyst/Technician), and all the Organizing Committee for their support and cooperation in ensuring the smooth execution of this event.




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