At the opening ceremony of the medical physicist professional training was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University (Prof. Dr. Widowati, S.Si., M.Si), a speech by the Head of The Department of Physics FSM UNDIP (Prof. Dr. Heri Sutanto, S.Si., M.Si.), a speech by the Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Physicists Alliance (Dr. Supriyanto Ardjo Prawiro) and a speech by the Chairman of the Alliance of Indonesian Medical Physics Education Institutions (Prof. Dr. Wahyu Setia Budi, MS). In 2007 the Government of Indonesia through the Decree of the Minister of Health (KMK) ri No. 48 of 2007 determined medical physics personnel as health workers. This is then reaffirmed in Law No. 36 of 2014 on Health Workers, Article 11 paragraph 12 which states that Medical Physicists are among the types of health workers grouped into Biomedical Engineering. Medical physicists are health workers who are given duties, authorities and responsibilities by officials authorized to conduct Medical Physics activities in hospitals and other health facilities (Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 83 Year 2015 on Standards of Medical Physics Services). A similar definition is stated by the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (Regulation of the Head of the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency, Number 17 of 2012 on Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine), Medical Physicists are health workers who have competencies in the field of Basic Clinical Medical Physics. Therefore, Medical Physicists need to have professional skills in applying physics in health services, including the quality of service and safety of the utilization of ionizing radiation. In addition to requiring academic mastery, Medical Physicists also require professional skills. With this background, it is necessary training and or professional education after S1 so that medical physicists are able to carry out their duties in the hospital. According to the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number HK.01.07/Menkes / 322/2020, Medical Physicists are graduates of physics / nuclear engineering interest in Medical Physics with the addition of Professional Training or Professional Education Medical Physicists. Medical Physicist Professional Training is a training program organized by universities in collaboration with the Alliance of Medical Physics Educational Institutions (AIPFMI) and Professional Organizations (AFISMI) for graduates of Physics / Nuclear Engineering as a bridge between academic education and the profession of Medical Physicists until the ratification of Medical Physicist Professional Education. This is in accordance with Law No. 12, 2012 on Higher Education, education is divided into Academic and Professional Education, where Professional Education itself is defined as special education carried out after Undergraduate Education. According to Permendibud RI no. 02 year 2020 on Health Workers states that students in the field of health at the end of the professional program education period must follow the Competency Test (UKOM) nationally which is one of the requirements for graduation. Competency Test aims to achieve the competency standards of graduates who meet the standards of labor competency as health workers. Competency Test is organized by universities in collaboration with Professional Organizations. Medical Physicist Professional Training this time is the first wave held at Diponegoro University. God willing, this Medical Physicist Professional Training will be held from February 1, 2021 (today) until the end of July 2021. 30% of the materials were delivered at FSM UNDIP by experts from FSM UNDIP. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, materials will be delivered online. 70% of the material will be done practically in partner hospitals, namely Rsup Dr. Kariadi Semarang and Ken Saras Hospital Semarang, in the department of diagnostic and interventional radiology (RDI), radiotherapy (RT), and nuclear medicine (KN). For information that currently, the proposal for the establishment of Medical Physicist Professional Education has been submitted to Diponegoro University. Alhamdulillah has now been approved by the university senate (SA) and the board of trustees (MWA). Currently, the establishment of Medical Physicist Professional Education is only waiting for a decree (SK) from the Rector of Diponegoro University. Let us pray that medical physicist’s professional education is immediately legalized and opened. If Medical Physicist Professional Education is legalized, this is the first medical physicist professional education in Indonesia. We congratulate the participants of this Medical Physics Profession Training who have passed a very strict selection. You are 15 of the 145 applicants. Therefore, let’s take this training seriously and vigorously. I wish you well to get knowledge from experts and clinical experience from professional clinicians from the hospital. I would like to thank the supervisors both from FSM UNDIP and from the Hospital. Hopefully the knowledge and experience provided is really able to equip the trainees so that they become professional Medical Physicists in the future.