The curriculum workshop for the Radiation Physics and Medical Physics expertise groups at Diponegoro University was recently conducted on February 2-3, 2024, with the curriculum review covering Radiation Physics and Medical Physics. The event was opened by the Head of the Expertise Group, Zaenul Muhlisin, S.Si., M.Si., F.Med., followed by the Curriculum Coordinator for Radiation Physics Elective Courses: Fajar Arianto, S.Si., M.Si., and the Curriculum Coordinator for Medical Physics Elective Courses: Pandji Triadyaksa, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D., F.Med.

The review of Semester Learning Plans (RPS) in Radiation Physics for undergraduate level (S1) includes courses such as Radiation Applications, Radiation Detection Methods, Introduction to Spectroscopy, Reactor Physics, Introduction to Plasma Physics, and Biophysics. For the Master’s level (S2), the courses include Modern Spectroscopy, Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion, Plasma Chemistry, Medical Plasma, Agricultural Plasma, Optoelectronics, Plasma Lasers, and Electro and Magneto Hydrodynamics.

The review of RPS in Medical Physics at the undergraduate level includes courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Radiobiology, Introduction to Radiological Physics and Dosimetry, Health Physics and Radiation Protection, Medical Physics QC, Introduction to Radiotherapy, Radiotherapy Planning, Basics of Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and Radiotherapy Practicum, Health Physics and Counting Systems Practicum. For the Master’s level in Medical Physics, the courses include Pathoanatomy and Physiology, Advanced Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Physics 1 and 2, Advanced Radiology Physics and Dosimetry, Advanced Radiotherapy Physics, Advanced Radiotherapy Planning, Advanced Nuclear Medicine Physics, Advanced Radiobiology, Advanced Medical Physics Practicum, and Advanced Medical Physics QA/QC.

In 2023, the Radiation and Medical Physics laboratory acquired new equipment, including x-ray analysis structure, Educational Gamma kit for gamma radiation absorption, Gamma Beta Radiation Spectrometer, Double and Multi-Slit Diffraction, Hall Effect, Light Conductivity, Seebeck Effect, and Beer-Lambert Law apparatus.

The laboratory also received grants from Diponegoro University physics alumni, including a mobile x-ray unit, DAP Meter, and Apron.

May the available equipment enhance the competence of Diponegoro University physics graduates.




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