Congratulations on the inaugural Professor of Physics Prof Dr Muhammad Nur DEA on August 31, 2019 in the building of Semarang add Prof Soedarto Tembalang professor in Physics DIPONEGORO UNIVERSITY to 3 people. Cited on page, Prof. Dr. Widowati, S.Si, M.Si as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics Diponegoro University mention that Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nur, DEA is a professor sixth in the FSM Diponegoro University. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nur, DEA has become a Lecturer in more than 30 years and who was also the Dean of FSM Diponegoro University that sparked a lot of innovative ideas and creative is expected to be a motivation for other lecturers who have been qualified to propose soon became a Master. In FSM it kept pushing and now there are some professors who are doing the maintenance becoming Professor.

Research activity and the perpetuation of his community can be accessed also in

Congratulations Prof. Nur, we are waiting for a buzz-buzz downstream innovation and research for the benefit of all the people of Indonesia.