The Summer Course on Innovative Post-harvest Practices: Ozone Technology in Sustainable Horticulture Agritourism is a comprehensive program organized by the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, specifically the Laboratory of Center for Plasma Research (CPR) at Diponegoro University. This program aims to explore the transformative potential of ozone and plasma technology in advancing sustainable agriculture practices, focusing on post-harvest applications. It is designed to provide participants with practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and insights into cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of agriculture.

Program Overview

The program delves into the applications and potential of ozone and plasma technology in post-harvest practices and beyond. Participants will engage in discussions, practical demonstrations, and hands-on activities to understand how these technologies can revolutionize agriculture. The program includes a field trip to Kopeng, offering a unique agrotourism experience and opportunities to interact with local organic farmers, gaining insights into their practices and experiences with post-harvest technology.

 Objectives of the Summer Course Program

  • Providing insights into the latest research in post-harvest practices, with a focus on ozone technology.
  • Engaging participants in practical demonstrations and hands-on activities related to ozone technology.
  • Facilitating a field trip to Kopeng for a unique agrotourism experience and interactions with local farmers.
  • Equipping participants with practical knowledge and skills applicable in their academic studies and careers.
  • Creating a platform for networking with fellow students, faculty members, and professionals.
  • Introducing participants to the local culture and environment of Kopeng.
  • Offering participation certificates upon successful completion of the course.

Course Content and Themes

The program’s theme is “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture: Exploring Ozone and Plasma Technology in Post-Harvest Practices and Beyond”. Special themes include:

  • Theme 1: Innovative Solutions for Post-Harvest Practices
  • Theme 2: Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Stewardship
  • Theme 3: Overcoming Challenges in Technology Adoption
  • Theme 4: Practical Applications and Industry Insights
  • Theme 5: Hands-On Learning and Field Experiences



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