Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nur, DEA

Center for Plasma Research, Diponegoro University Semarang


A long journey for science and technology advisor plasma from the laboratory until the product which is required by the community have been on the talk in a seminar with a that department of physics of the Indonesia University. Academic environment is not good, a tradition in the industry is still not looked innovation of higher education is still a major obstacle for downstream and commercialization of research products in Indonesia. The road map and science and technology development strategy Plasma in Indonesia into the footsteps of innovative products based on research that has been born. The discussion starts with the concept of the development of science-based industries are basic and fundamental research with the proposed use of “linear model of recycling”. This model is a modified linear model Bacon that has been known since 1605. In the period of 5 years and will probably last several decades, The National System of Science and Technology stipulated in Law No. 11 of 2019. Act No. 11 of the mandated the establishment of the National Agency for Research and Innovation and Research Trust Fund provision of the state budget. Innovation is a very important and critical discourse various innovations discussed in the seminar. Ozone trip Plasma innovation is discussed as an example. Contributions in basic research, technology and implementation are discussed and a plasma research group travel records for 20 years. This discussion has three commercial products that have been produced and mamasuki market. In this discussion also discussed the application of ozone plasma technology for post-harvest storage of horticultural products, corona plasma technology for air purification and the utilization of ozone plasma technology for medical use as down streaming and commercialization.

Seminar_Jurusan_fisika-UI_2019 (PRESENTATION MATERIALS)