Undip takes part on MIT-Indonesia Research Alliance (MIRA) research collaboration. This collaboration is part of the MIT-Indonesia Research Alliance (MIRA) research collaboration program that has began in mid-2019 supported by the Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Education and LPDP. This collaboration aimed at building the fundamentals of the research ecosystem in the leading State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia. This program includes sustainable energy including advanced materials and transportation, environment including disaster monitoring and mitigation, food and health. In the field of food and health, MIT’s research partner Prof. Anthony J. Sinskey from Biology Department joined hands with Prof. Ir. Retno Murwani, M.Sc, M.App.Sc. Ph.D from the Faculty of Animal and Agriculture. While in the field of environmental monitoring and disaster mitigation, MIT’s research partner Professor Danielle Wood, Director of Space Enabled Lab, Multimedia Lab joined hands with Joga Dharma Setiawan, Ph.D from the Faculty of Engineering. The formed teams are expected to submit research proposals to continue the research collaboration in 2021-2023.