Medical Physics Training Recruitment


Information related to the 2020 Medical Physics Professional Training at Diponegoro University:

  1. The requirements for training participants are graduates of AIPFMI members with a specialization in medical physics
  2. There is no matriculation in this training period
  3. 70% training activities for residency programs in hospitals (RS) and their evaluation
  4. All training materials are in module form
  5. The number of education and training residents is limited (according to capacity in the hospital)
  6. The training registration fee is Rp. 300,000, -. The professional training fee for fismed (Rp. 9,000,000, -) includes the cost of PPR Medik level II, but does not include the SIB examination fee of Rp. 800,000, –
  7. This fismed training period is almost a full time residency at Semarang Hospital
  8. All participants have the same obligation, those who are already working must submit a full-time study assignment letter from their institution.
  9. Written entrance examinations are carried out online with Radiological Physics material.


Link Registration : Medical Physics Training Recruitment


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