It has been almost a year since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, even internationally. Many aspects of people’s lives are affected by it, ranging from health, economy, social, culture, education, and research. Especially for education aspects, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the existence of online learning systems, restrictions on activities in schools and campuses, and restrictions on wiggle room to conduct experimental research. Nevertheless, research activities must still be carried out for future technological advances. As one of the doors to future technological advances, Physics offers many research topics, ranging from the fields of theory, particles, nuclear, materials, medical physics, to the field of economic physics (econophysics) which are generally conducted experimentally.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, experimental research activities are relatively hampered. Therefore, solutions are needed to keep research activities running in the midst of the Covid-19 storm, one of which is computational research that can be technically done in their own homes, but without compromising the quality of the research topic. One area of computing that can be applied to many research topics, especially in the scope of Physics is Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) based programming. Therefore, as a form of responsibility and concern especially for the scientific community, kbk Radiation Physics and Medical Physics Faculty of Science and Mathematics plans to hold MCNP training that God willing will be held on January 21 to February 27, 2021.

For those who are interested to join this training can register at the following link: Registration