SEMARANG- Diponegoro University (UNDIP) and Laboratory A Biosafety Level 3 (BSL 3), PNF (Professor Nidom Foundation), CPR (Center for Plasma Research), conducted Zeta Green testing of the Covid-19 Virus. Zeta Green is an air purifier that serves to attract and filter dirty air, smoke (CO2), kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the room, created by the Center for Plasma Research Undip.

From the results of the trials conducted, Zeta Green is known to be able to significantly reduce the number of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the test room; sars-cov-2 virus. Therefore, there is hope that the presence of such tools can reduce the spread of diseases such as Covid-19, especially in meeting rooms used to interact.

Chairman of Corona Research Team and FORMULATION PNF (Professor Nidom Foundation), Prof. Dr.Chaerul Anwar Nidom, drh., MS, said Zeta Green is known to have the ability to break down particles, including viral particles into nanoparticles. ''Zeta Green that we test in BSL3, then, the viruses that we use is the Covid-19 virus, and from there we hope that Zeta Green can break down or kill or dissodom the Covid virus,'' said Prof Nidom, recently.

According to Professor of Molecular Biology at Universitas Airlangga (Unair), the reduction of viruses, bacteria and fungi that can be done is associated with the length of operation of the tool.''How did we see Zeta Grren test for the virus in 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, then 1 hour. All we have to do is analyze how many viruses die, hopefully we can produce maximum results," he said.

He hopes that, as well as the results of further tests on the reduction capability of viruses, fungi and bacteria remain significant, the tool will certainly be very helpful to the community in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic through clearing and cleaning the air in the room. 'Currently there are those of us who worry that this new variant of the Covid virus can be transmitted through the air, and in the room, even if we cross paths with Covid sufferers, it can also be infected. I'm sure Zeta Green can give the best answer to answer that," he pointed out.

Prof Nidom said the testing method used for Zeta Green was to put it in an airtight chamber in the Biosafety Level 3 laboratory. Then after isolation, the virus is inserted into a petri dish placed in the chamber. Then the tool is activated in termsin 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes to process air in the chamber. From the test it was analyzed how it affected.

Now the deepening of the test results. Researchers hope to get effective time in the process of reducing viruses, fungi and bacteria in a room, and to ascertain what the maximum reduction capability can be with Zeta Green.'With the help of this tool, we expect the population of the Covid virus to decrease, at least its concentration decreases at a threshold that does not infect humans,'' he hoped.

Head of CPR (Center for Plasma Research) Undip, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nur, DEA, said Zeta Green is an air purifier made by Undip based on plasma technology that is safe to use, and healthy. The tool is dedicated to reducing the risk of spreading harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi, especially in meeting rooms and places where human interaction is a place. In addition to reducing viruses, bacteria and fungi, Zeta Green has also been tested effectively to filter dirty air and CO2.

To be sure, in its use as an air purifier Zeta Green also serves to absorb the air in the room, process and remove it again mennadi clean and healthy air. In addition to viruses, bacteria, fungi, CO2, dust particles are also cleaned.

Prof Nur hopes that the test in Laboratory A Biosafety Level 3 (BSL 3) conducted by Professor Nidom Foundation, can be known the benefits and disadvantages of such ala. By knowing it from an independent party, the pin in CPR can obtain useful inputs for the improvement of the tool.

Provisional data on CPR Undip showed that during the 15-minute treatment using Zeta Green, the viral population in the room could drop by up to 99.9%. As for the trial with a time of 30 minutes and 60 minutes, the virus was 100 percent gone. ''This tool is very good for us to apply in a workspace that many employees, in the household and others,''Tutur Prof Nur.

Regarding its effectiveness against various variants, Prof Nur said tests have been conducted on 3 variants of the Covid-19 virus, including delta variants. He stated that he will wait for the results of the deepening of the results of laboratory tests from the Nidam Foundation. (public relations team)

Courtesy of UNDIP