There have been activities of Science Brainstorming VII delivered by Prof. Dr. Suryono, M.Si (lecturer of Department of Physics FSM Undip) with the theme “Contribution of Wireless Sensor System in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0”.

Materials delivered :- In
dustrial Revolution 4.0 related to cyberphysical systems.- There a
re technologies that will become a trend in the world, among others: AI & machine learning, internet of things (IoT), wearable technology, big data, intelligent space, blockchain tech, cloud and edge computing, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision & facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, machine creativity & augmented design, digital platforms, drones, cyber security, quantum computing, etc. If we are from the physics department, we can develop from 25 technologies in the Era of Industry 4.0 according to our field.-
Development that has been / is being done by presenters, there are sensor systems, wireless sensors based on wifi, wireless sensors based on the internet and artificial intelligent, wireless sensors based on the internet of things (I
oT).- Development of sensor system
s1. Applied as activity detector of 373 AJL weaving machines at PT Primatexco Indonesia Kab. Stem, using microcontroller and industrial communication system RS-485. The usefulness of this sensor is to know the amount of production, production quality, engine performance, and employee performance
.2. Application of sensors to detect perporasi holes in petroleum exploration in Cepu (Blora) and Bojonegoro.
3. Sensors for Tomography systems, as a presenter dissertation theme
.4. Application of gas sensors for instrumentation and exploration control of Coalbed Methane (CBM) in Kab. Tanjung Tabalong KalSel, Undip-Lemi
gas-Pertamina PHE Cooperatio
n. Product Development System on Chip (SoC) WiFi-Microcontroller to connect various sensors to the computer via WiFi.2 wireless networ
k. Build a multistation wireless sensor system (WSS) using a local network. WSS for monitoring chemical-physics parameters at Setoko Batam Aquaculture Center and for controlling and monitoring Coalbed Methane Production in Pertamina Hulu Energi Tanjung Tabalong KalSel. The advantages of WSS are that without internet cost, survive signal-free areas, high speed, and low cos
t.- Internet-based Wireless Sensors and Artificial Intelligen
ts Uji data acquisition system of temperature and humidity sensors through the website. The network can be accessed worldwide with broadband interne
t.- Wireless Sensor based internet of Things (IoT)
1. Development of fog-cloud networking2 instrumentation conce
pt. Research has been conducted by the presenter with the title “Real-time Decision Support System for Carbon Monoxide Threat using Online Expert System”- Inst
rumentation of physics in the industrial era 4.0 leads to Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The Science Brainstorming Agenda will take place every month in the third week, for the CPS in February will be delivered by Mr Prof. Dr. Agus Subagio, M.Si. For more details can be seen here