International certification laboratory has been carried out by BPSM UNDIP with the target of laboratories in the departments of all faculties at UNDIP. Alhamdullillah, the physics department got the opportunity to follow this international laboratory certification process. Laboratories registered to take part in this certification include the Electronics Laboratory and the Radiation Physics Laboratory. The certification process includes being divided into several agendas, firstly training, secondly refinement and thirdly the assessment process. The international laboratory certification training was carried out for approximately 2 days from 18 -19 August 2022 in the BAA UNDIP courtroom. The training includes material explanations of the basic things that must be in a laboratory to hold internationally certified status, such as archive management, K3 management and the division of work areas based on the principle of user interests.

The next agenda is the improvement of laboratories that are not in accordance with existing standards, for example, labeling inventory names, providing evacuation routes, providing P3K boxes and so on. Lab improvement activities last approximately 2 weeks and are carried out independently but remain under the supervision of the organizers. The last event was the assessment process or laboratory assessment by a team of assessors from TUV Germany. The assessment results will be informed approximately D+14 days after the assessment day. Hopefully, the laboratories at UNDIP, especially in the Physics department, can be standardized internationally and develop well in the future.